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I hope you find the new Website Links option useful. The list currently consists of about 3500 websites that are categorized into one or more of 17 categories for your convenience. If you know a part of the url to a website of interest, title or the webmaster's name but can't find it in the category you believe fits, try the search option for "Web Links".

Why another website listing? First, this is an experiment. If there is enough interest, I will probably continue with new additions and corrections. There are many existing listings already available from your browser. But, you probably found (as I have) that many of the sites have few useful links. The average site contains many broken links, links that are not up-to-date or do not relate to stamp collecting (like the "rubber stamp" pages) as well as much duplication. Most of these places make it very difficult to locate sites of interest. My personal experience has shown that, on average, there are about 25 to 30 per cent broken or non-stamp-related links.

The intent of this site is to maintain as up-to-date information as possible and try to avoid the all-too-common problem of broken and non-stamp-related entries. If you find a bad link (broken or you believe it is in the wrong category or belongs in an additional category), please contact me. Also, if currently missing, send me the requested information about your own site or ones that you favor (see the Submit Website Link option).

One of the most difficult problems with a database of links is to determine the proper category for each link. Some of the existing categories overlap in meaning. I hope to improve on this as time allows. It is difficult to find the time to ensure all links are in appropriate categories. If so inclined, please consider volunteering to help clean this up.




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