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 Program Registration
STAMPCATalog Plus is a donationware program. The donationware concept is very simple. You download a copy of STAMPCATalog Plus for a 30 day free evaluation. If you want to keep the program and use it to organize your stamp collections, you make a donation to a recognized charity(1) of $35 (US equivalent) or more and you receive a registration number free. You also receive free documentation, support, upgrades, utilities, additional country and topic listings as available. I will also convert your existing collection databases to work with STAMPCATalog Plus if you are unable to do it with the Import Wizard Plug-In.

Now for the particulars of registration.  Follow these steps for making a donation by Internet or mail:

  • Select a favorite charity. The charity you select should, preferably, be nationally or globally recognized and may be from your home country or any other country. In the United States, a charity meeting the "Standards in Philanthropy" as published by the National Charities Information Bureau (NCIB), 19 Union Square West, New York, NY 10003 (web site at http://www.give.org/reports/index.asp) is a good choice.

  • Donate by the Internet:
    • Make your donation ($35 minimum US equivalent) directly either through the Internet or by mail to your selected charity. Please make a separate unique donation for this purpose.
    • Request an email confirmation/receipt for your donation.
    • Attach a scanned copy of the donation receipt to an email. Please enclose the Order Form information available below. To help defray cost of producing this program and to support future updates, an additional small donation to the author is appreciated but not required. You may contribute by PayPal or sending a check by mail to the address shown below.
    • Send the registration email with attached receipt to raygk@stampcat.com
    • I will send a reply email with a STAMPCATalog Plus registration number to you.
  • Donate by mail:
    • Write a personal check or money order for the amount of your contribution ($35 minimum US equivalent) endorsed to the charity.  You may use your credit card if the selected charity will accept it(2). To help defray cost of producing this program and to support future updates, an additional small donation to the author is appreciated but not required.
    • Prepare an envelope addressed to the charity.  Attach sufficient US postage for delivery to the charity.  Non-US residents may enclose the required US postage, US currency or an IRC to cover the cost of delivery. Non-US residents who have difficulty obtaining US postage or currency may donate via the Internet or contact me to make other arrangements.
    • Provide your e-mail address for return of your registration number. Or, if you do not have an e-mail address, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. Non-US residents may send US currency or an IRC in lieu of US postage.
    • Mail the signed check or credit card information for the charity, the addressed and stamped envelope to forward your contribution and the self- addressed, stamped envelope for your registration number (if no e-mail address) to me. Please enclose the Order Form information available below. Mail to:
      R. Knauss
      26513 Rockhurst Lane
      Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275-2455 USA
    • I will forward your contribution to the charity and return a STAMPCATalog Plus registration number to you.

Click HERE for order form (just print, fill out and mail).

(1)Check the charities on the Charity Links if you don't have a favorite and are looking for something worthwhile.

(2) If your charity accepts credit cards, fill out the required information as asked for by the charity and enclose it in place of a check or money order.



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See the National Charities Information Bureau (NCIB) web site for guidance in giving.

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