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The Interactive Tutorials output is formatted for Flash.   Flash is viewed using the free Macromedia Flash Player.   You must have a copy of Macromedia's Flash Player on your hard drive to use these tutorials.   If you do not already have a copy, you may download one from Macromedia.

Depending on your computer's screen resolution (especially low resolution 800x600), you may find it necessary to run the tutorial with the Flash Player's View - Full Screen (F) menu option.  Is there a tutorial that you would like to see?  Please let me know by e-mail or post to the Forum.  If you use a tutorial, I would appreciate hearing if it met your needs or, if not, why.  Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

You may also download these tutorials via the "All Downloads" option.

Changing Configuration
Change a few configuration options and your program's screen background color.
Customizing the Speed Bar
Demonstrates how to use the SBBuild Plug-In to change the Speed Bar.
Making a User Report
Demonstrates how to use the Report Maker.
Start Up
Basic operations of the program main menu and use a few simple options.
Using SQEdit(Part I)
Learn how to do basic editing with the SQEdit Plug-In.
Using SQEdit(Part II)
Learn how to do use new features (Version 1.3) of the SQEdit Plug-In.
Using the Build Window
Shows how to use many options of the Build Window to edit a stamp entry.
Using the Export Wizard
Learn how to export your collections to dbf, text (CSV) or tab delimited text files.
Using the MoveBMPs Plug-In
Move a group of stamp pictures to your collection all at once.
Using the P2SXfer Plug-In
Change all primary stamp catalog numbers (and catalogs) to primary in one step.


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