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You will find STAMPCATalog Plus includes many features that should be useful to an active stamp collector - whether a country specialist, topicalist or world wide collector.
  • One thousand possible collections, user determined.
  • Full screen viewing of a group of stamp entries at once with scrolling for the rest.
  • View full collections or various collection segments based on country, volume (album) name/number, catalog, condition, topic, type, cover, plate block or watermark.
  • Batch (group) and single stamp information entry, editing and deletion.
  • Quick Edit to easily enter catalog numbers, descriptions, denomination, issue dates/years and market values if needed.
  • All information for a single stamp entry (including stamp and watermark picture) in plain view on a single screen.
  • Detailed cover, plate block and PNC information for the specialist collector.
  • Designed for compatibility with and use of International or Universal catalog numbers.
  • Offers use of two different catalog numbers for each entry.
  • Stamp locator that finds any single stamp or group of stamps quickly.
  • Stamp finder aids in locating issuing country for those hard to place stamps, currency exchange rates and U. S. grill types.
  • Speed Bar push buttons for single mouse click to launch 30 activities selected by the user.
  • One hundred forty-five fixed reports, unlimited search result and user-defined reports.
  • Automatic complete and segmented "Want List" and "Trading or Selling List" viewing and reporting.
  • Calculator and Calendar/Diary within easy access when needed.
  • Automatic or manual entry of pre-scanned stamp and watermark images.
  • User selected stamp catalogs; conditions, grades and type descriptions; location; topics; postmark types; watermarks and sorting topics.
  • One click adjustable stamp image enlargement for detailed study or self-running slide shows (manual and timed).
  • Automatic import of external stamp lists and automatic merge or splitting of existing collections.
  • Easy export of your collection files for use with other programs. Import and additional export capability in various formats through Plug-Ins.
  • Automatic album volume number/name change for relocated stamps.
  • Configuration and Screen Color customized setups.
  • Many additional capabilities and enhancements seamlessly integrated by Plug-Ins.
  • Extensive online and context sensitive help, Interactive Tutorials and User's Manual.
  • Many other features.

Limits to some of the stamp information entries (field sizes) are:

  • Max # of stamp catalogs: 1 billion*
  • Max # of stamp collections: 1 thousand
  • Max # of stamp album volumes: 1 billion*
  • Max # of topics/collection: 1 billion for all collections*
  • Max # of topics/stamp entry: 3
  • Max # of stamp entries/collection: 1 billion*
  • Max # of characters/description entry: 50 (not all will show in some reports)
  • Max # of characters/country name: 25 (not all may show in some reports)
  • Max # of characters/volume name: 10
  • Max # of characters/volume page number/name: 12
  • Max # of characters/catalog number: 12 (19 including class and variety designations)
  • Max # of characters/catalog name: 10
  • Max # of characters/note: Unlimited (not all may show in some reports)
  • Max # of characters/issue year or date: 7 or 10
  • Max # of characters/purchase year: 4
  • Max # of characters/stamp entry color: 20 (not all may show in some reports)
  • Max # of characters/topic name: 15
  • Max # of characters/denomination: 12
  • Max # of characters/postmark type: 15
  • Max # of characters/plate block numbers: 50
  • Max # of characters/user selected properties: 15

* Limited by memory and system resources.



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