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To Develop a STAMPCATalog Plus Plug-In Program or Utility

You need:

  • An original idea for a stamp collecting related computer program. This may be a STAMPCATalog Plus enhancement, an added or improved function or just about anything else of use to a stamp collector.
  • Experience in developing software projects is desirable.
  • The legal right to distribute software you produce.  You may use any computer language but an Xbase or FoxPro database language is the easiest to integrate with STAMPCATalog Plus.
  • Authorization to qualify your program as a STAMPCATalog Plus Plug-In. This is granted at successful completion of integration testing.
  • To email me for more information or discuss your ideas.

You get:

  • A Plug-In Development Kit (PIDK) to assist you in developing interfaces with the STAMPCATalog Plus architecture and database file formats.
  • Fruits of your labor. Your end product program may be shareware, freeware or donationware. The choice is yours.
  • Your product located on your web site will be linked from mine with a description and other pertinent information.

Your requirements:

  • Application must function in Windows95/98 and up environment.
  • Application must work from the STAMPCATalog Plus "Plug-Ins" menu option and should work as a stand-alone program.
  • Application must provide on-screen help.
  • Authorization to release your application software as a STAMPCATalog Plus Plug-In.
  • Certify compatibility and usefulness of your program.
  • Provide one working copy together with documentation to me for testing and archiving.
  • Agree to provide user support for your application.

Examples (some of these are available, some in development):

  • Register, an early registration utility (avoids waiting until evaluation time has expired).
  • P2SXfer, a catalog number transfer and deletion utility (switches primary and secondary catalog numbers and catalog names as well as offering complete deletion of either).
  • DBCheck, a utility mainly for stamp list developers (checks for common entry mistakes like duplicate catalog numbers).
  • Datapath, a utility that enables you to change the default data subdirectory so you can keep your collections remote from the program (e.g., a Zip or Jaz disk or another hard disk).
  • HTMLPort, an exporter that provides HTML coded databases (so users can upload want and trade lists to their web pages).
  • MkLink and Viewer, generate a link to an external picture viewer (so you can incorporate any picture file format into the program by OLE transfer).
  • MoveBMPs, a simple way to enter stamp pictures in batch or remove those installed.
  • Updater, a stamp database expansion update utility (incorporate extensions to existing stamp database lists).
  • Import Wizard, a generic database converter (converts ASCII lists to STAMPCATalog Plus Import format).




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