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 Revision History
Version 3.3.2b Changes:
  • Added user defined Speed Bar icons and functions through a Plug-In.
  • Added two user defined stamp properties selectable through the configuration screen.
  • Add special options for PNC collectors including recording of plate number, location and coil strip length, special standard report for PNCs and a “My PNC Catalog” report with pictures.
  • Stamp picture zoom and slide show functions now are adjustable in size from a minimum to full screen.  Zoom and slide show picture background may be set to black or gray. The zoom window size may be tied to the slide show size or remain separately adjustable.
  • Added new menu functions for views or reports based on selected ranges of catalog values or issue dates/years.
  • Purchase year entry now shows the four digit year value. Values are entered with four digits or only the last two digits. Trade copies are recorded up to 9999 per stamp.
  • Added the ability to batch modify a block of stamps with existing catalog numbers and to batch blank selected property values of existing stamps.
  • Made minor changes to improve report output data and header replacements.
  • Improved files backup and restore. Backup and restore now include additional alerts, Speed Bar icons and possible PDF reports.
  • The Error Advisor was improved and should reduce the possibility of leaving temporary (.err) files in your program folder.
  • Status window automatically “resizes” to fit (after you select any menu item) when changing program window screen size .
  • Corrected several bugs. Removed an erroneous error message when closing the setup window and using restore. Problem transferring pictures with “Merge without Duplicates” was fixed.  Fixed problem preventing removal of deleted lower case "classes".
  • Upgraded all Plug-Ins and added SBBuilder Plug-In for customizing the Speed Bar and DateForm to select desired issue date format.
  • Alarm bell warning may be removed or you may add your own wave (.wav) file to sound alarms.
  • Improved setup functions. Fixed minor bug that could add properties to more collections than desired and prevent deletion of some lower case classes.
  • Fixed a problem that caused a size increase to embedded pictures on some systems. Existing collection files may be reduced in size by exporting and then re-importing pictures using the MoveBMPs Plug-In.
  • Revised program help file to include new features.
  • Many other small improvements.

Version 3.2 Changes:
  • Added capabilities to produce user reports for single property values such as a single topic or type. This matches the ability of standard reports.
  • Added word wrap option for columnar standard and user reports.
  • Added report paper size A4 option for all standard and user reports.
  • Added capability to include pictures in user reports.
  • Added HTML and Text file formatting options for columnar standard and user reports. These files are automatically backed up with other reports and restored with them.
  • Added an optional “Stock” column header for user reports. This entry is similar to the stock column in “All” type browse views, providing in-inventory, trade list, want list or not marked indicators to reports.
  • Added option for a slide show of Trade/Sell list items to menu under View|Slide show.
  • Added color property entry and editing to Quick Edit.
  • Extended horizontal and vertical perforation gauge values to two places right of the decimal point for those who want to use values found in some printed catalogs.
  • Fixed minor bug in standard catalog correlation and want list reports and problem using "Imperf." perforation type. Removed unnecessary warning message when entering purchase year in Build.  Fixed bug causing problem creating collections under certain conditions.

Version 3.1.1 Changes:
  • Fix report maker screen push button.
  • Change object order of build and report maker windows.
  • Added 'invalid class' test to quick edit class entry.
  • Improved Build window layout.
  • Fixed Color Chart so trailing '/' is removed at 'ok'.
  • Other minor modifications.

Version 3.1 Changes:
  • Added selection of font size (6 pt. to 12 pt.) for previewing and printing reports.
  • Changed the subvariety component of catalog numbers to 3 characters in length.
  • Stamp grade and perforation are now user defined through the setup option.
  • My Stamp Catalog, My Cover Catalog and My Plate Block Catalog reports (with pictures) now offers reports for Trade/Sell List and Want List entries.
  • Report Maker identifies the currently used font size.
  • Batch Build offers country name change capability for single- and multi-country collections. You may change the country name for all existing entries or add a different country name to your collection for a selected range of catalog numbers (thus creating a multi-country or single-country collection).
  • Added “Class” option to Quick Edit. Now all options are case sensitive (except collection names). A catalog class of “c” is differentiated from a class “C” and two catalog numbers “c1" and “C1" are unique.
  • Updated on-line help and made several other minor changes.

Version 3.0.1 Changes:
  • Maintenance release.
  • Fixed problems relating to watermark number selection and use of the Build Window primary/secondary catalog name radio button immediately following creation of a new collection.
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