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 Revision History
Version 3.0 Changes:
  • Maintenance release.
  • Most of this production release was previously available as Version 2.1.5 (beta).

Version 2.1.x Changes:
  • Revised standard and user reports. All reports (except the special reports with pictures) are now offered in one column or two column portrait or landscape format, offer the inclusion of a binding space (0.25 inches in standard reports, user selected in user reports) and cost and market value totals. Cover and block detailed information appears in standard reports for covers or blocks when configured for detail. You may now print a report immediately after preview.
  • Changed merges so you can merge with or without creating duplicate stamp records when the destination collection contains some of the same stamps as the source collection.
  • You can now merge or split using the current collection.
  • You no longer need to identify if a newly created or imported collection is a single-country collection or not.
  • Added Trade/Sell lists to the Worth window.
  • Added browse view window for individual item worth information prior to Worth window summary totals.

Version 2.0 Changes:
  • Added "Plug-In" capacities so external utilities and programs are directly available from within the program.
  • Added "Error Advisor". Troubleshooting information is saved (including user notes) to assist in problem resolutions.
  • Added capability to select primary or secondary catalog numbers for sorting views and reports. Capability is selected from the Configuration window. Temporary selection is also available from the Build Window.
  • Changed design of user reports. Increased flexibility, report clarity and speed. Old reports must be converted to function with this release.
  • Added views and reports for segmented collections with pictures, segmented want and trade/sell lists and segmented catalog correlations. Added worth view by type.
  • Added "All" selections for views, reports and Quick Edit which includes all in-inventory, trade/sell list, want list and unmarked entries. Added a "Stock" column to "All" view indicating which stamps are in-inventory, trade/sell list or want list.
  • Reduced collection index file sizes improving operating speed and backup file sizes.
  • Added picture edit "Insert Object" option for easier use of registered OLE source programs.
  • Improved Locator speed.
  • Modified Quick Edit to verify entries as entered (removing need for file closing check), added denominations and descriptions to the editable items and provided complete stamp deletion and recall. Deletion capability is selected from the Configuration window.
  • The Color Chart no longer needs to be cleared before changing color selections as long as the maximum allowed number of characters (20) is not exceeded.
  • Added Quick Edit screens for segmented portions by catalog, condition, collection, country, topic, trade list, type, volume and want lists.
  • Added capability to merge or split collections by conditions and volume name/numbers.
  • Corrected a couple of bugs. One involved changing types in single-country collections and another prevented a modified collection name from automatically displaying in proper format.
  • Updated the program help file to include new or changed features.
  • Improved error detection, activity progress indications and made some cosmetic changes.

Version 1.02 Changes:
  • Added stamp picture "add by clipboard transfer" function (enabled "Modify" button).
  • Ensured single-country collection "country name" entry is automatic in Entry Window.
  • Added automatic single-country collection "country name" entry to Batch Build Window.
  • Improved warnings and information windows.
  • Made several cosmetic changes.

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